G/DC-003 Kit Hill

Saturday 2 May 2015

After a great week away we were on our way home in pouring rain and low cloud.  The plan was to activate Kit Hill enroute if I could find it in the fog!!  So as we started to drive up the road to the summit car park the fog got more and more dense and when we reached the to car park we both admired the magnificent views afforded to most people who venture up the hill.

Kit hill route

The plan had been to make this  a smash and grab and the wife was very amused as I got out of the car, unplugged the VX-170 from the mobile aerial and attached the rig to my rucksack special aerial.  I had to explain the rules of SOTA and that I had to move away from the car.  So I set off into the pouring rain with visibility about 10 feet.  It took me over 20 minutes to qualify the hill with 2m FM but eventually I got the 4 stations in the log and quickly headed back to the car.  Thanks to G0RQL, M0ZOL, M0ZGY & G0AVJ.  Will be nice to go back one day when the sun is shining and see what we missed.

73 Glyn