G/CE-004 Bardon Hill

Monday 22 June 2015

Having spent the weekend at Center Parc Sherwood Forest with my extended family to celebrate my Mothers 80th Birthday it seemed silly not to activate Bardon Hill as it was enroute and a fairly easy 1 pointer.  Originally had planned to activate the hill on the way to Sherwood Forest but I enjoyed the comfort of the Premier Inn the evening before too much!!

CE-004 Bardon HillThe satnav took me straight to the start point on Dauphine Close where it was easy to park the car and I set off up the footpath towards the woods.  Through the gate and turned left for 100 metres before turning uphill at the gate after the large painted boulder.  A nice steady pull up hill got me to the top in 25 minutes covering a distance of 0.78 miles and an ascent of 290 feet.  Having found a suitable mast support away from the area occupied by the public I opened up on 40m SSB.  This was intended to be a quick activation as my wife was sat patiently in the car, though it was not going to be a smash and grab 4 contact and go operation.


FT-817 plus 2Ah SLAB, linked dipole 60m, 40m & 20m and palm paddle keyer.

Found a clear frequency around 7.130Mhz and put out a couple of CQ calls before Andy G8MIA responded and advised me that the band was very much up and down with QSB, so nothing much had changed over the weekend!  He also spotted me as well which brought in everyone else.  Eleven further contacts were completed G3ZRP, M0TTE, M0IML, G0VWP, DL8DXL, M0NTC, G0FEX, G8ADD, PA0SKP, G6TUH & PA0B for drying up.  A couple more calls brought no further responses so a quick pack up and off back down the hill to my wife and a 3 hour drive home.

CE-004 Bardon Hill summit

The summit of Bardon Hill taken on the way up – shows the man-made damage caused by quarrying.

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