6 Metres

6metresOften known as the – Dead Band or ‘On 6m No One Can Hear You Scream’

The Six Metre band is located at the lower end of the VHF spectrum and exhibits all the characteristics you would expect from a VHF band. This is particularly true during sunspot minima years when, for the most part, it is similar to two metres. The maximun useable frequency or MUF rarely reaches the ten metre band during this time let along six metres and consequently the band is fairly quiet except for sporadic E during the summer and, to a lesser extent during the winter. The proximity to the HF bands makes six metres totally different from the higher frequency bands. During periods of high MUF propogation on 6 metres can be amazing. However, even when the MUF is lower than 50 Mhz solar activity can trigger other forms of propogation. This is probably the only band that can support all forms of propogation which is one of the many things that make 6 metres so interesting and, at times, unpredictable.

I predominently operate Meteor Scatter using JT6M or ISCAT digital modes, SSB & CW during Sporadic E’s and Trans-Equitorial Propogation (TEP) openings. I also operate SSB& CW for Auroral Propagation.

6m grid

Tropo & Sporadic E’s Squares Worked as of 27 May 14


6m grid NA

Tropo & Sporadic E’s Squares Worked as of 25 May 14


Member of UK Six Metre Group

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