Live Ham Satellites

There are many ‘Amateur’ satellites launched each year. However, most are not amateur satellites in our sense of the term. The majority of satellites are made by universities or similar organisations but use radio frequencies from the Radio Amateur Satellite allocation for their up and downlinks. Virtually all of these offer no communication platform to the Radio Amateur.

There are however, several satellite currently in orbit and some due for launch over the next couple of years which do provide a communication platform. In the past amateur radio satellites were purely communication platforms however, those days have gone and the only way to get a communication platform into orbit is to couple with a stem agenda.

As a result of modern technologies and the need to make the satellites as small as possible to reduce payload size the majority of amateur satellites being launched or about to be launched are all cubesats – a cube measuring approximately 100mm x 100mm x 100mm. In a few cases they may be 2 or 3 cubesats joined together.


Cubesat in orbit

Currently Accessible Satellites

AO-73 (Funcube 1)

Mode V/U (B) Linear Transponder (Inverting)
Uplink: 432.130 – 432.150 Mhz SSB/CW
Downlink: 145.950 – 145.970 Mhz SSB/CW
Mode U Beacon
Downlink: 145.935 Mhz BPSK


Mode V/U (B) Linear Transponder (Inverting)
Uplink: 432.125 – 432.175 Mhz SSB/CW
Downlink: 145.925 – 145.975 Mhz SSB/CW
Mode U Beacon
Downlink: 435.100 Mhz CW


Mode V/U (J) Linear Transponder (Inverting)
Uplink: 145.900 – 146.000 Mhz SSB/CW
Downlink: 435.800 – 435.900 Mhz SSB/CW
Mode U Beacon
Downlink: 435.7950 Mhz CW

EO-79 (Funcube 3) 

Mode V/U (B) Linear Transponder (Inverting)
Uplink: 435.035 – 435.065 Mhz SSB/CW (LSB)
Downlink: 145.935 – 145.655 Mhz SSB/CW
Mode V Beacon
Downlink: 145.815 Mhz BPSK Telemetry


Mode V/U (B) Repeater
Uplink: 145.950 Mhz FM
Downlink: 435.1755 Mhz FM
 Access:  67.0 Hz
Beacon: 437.275 Mhz  CW


Mode V/U (B) Repeater
Uplink: 145.850 Mhz FM
Downlink: 436.795 Mhz FM
Activate: 74.4 Hz
Access: 67.0 Hz